Arabic Studies at Trinity Washington University

MSA: Modern Standard Arabic, the formal Arabic that is written throughout the Arab world. Also known as Fus’ha, that is used in various forms by approximately 208 million Arabs. In the Arab world, MSA is the language of the news media and intellectual life. It is also the form of Arabic universally taught in schools of the Arab world.

MSA is now offered at Trinity for Beginning and Intermediate

levels 101, 102, 201, 202.

Click here for full courses descriptions: Arabic Courses of Study

Other Trinity course offerings related to Arabic studies:

Zubaydah Madyun

Trinity Student Receives a Scholarship to Study Arabic

Congratulations to junior Zubaydah Madyun who has been awarded a full scholarship to study Arabic this summer in Oman through the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center. Zubaydah competed with over 170 applicants for just 30 available scholarships. She will travel to Oman during the summer of 2013.

Meet Students Studying Arabic

Arabic Handbook

National Middle East Language Resource Center (NMELRC) Handbook for an overview of the study of Arabic: Arabic Handbook

Scholarships, Internships, and Study Abroad Opportunities:


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